New city, new job, new start

In which Jess returns to the ranks of the gainfully employed.

Last time on You Wanted To Know All About My Life: Jess  moves to New York and in with the Riveras. After months of the Tennessee hills, NYC’s bright lights are dazzling if occasionally blinding. Jess misses seeing the stars but reaches for them anyway.

Cue montage: Resume prep, online job searching, circling a listing in the paper (wait, do those even exist anymore?), trying on suit jackets, interviews, excitement, dejection —

And then —

Jess walks determinedly up 56th Street to the nondescript office of The Idea Logical Company, a small book publishing consulting firm helmed by one Mike Shatzkin. Mike is in his 60s with bright eyes, a 12-yr old’s curious smile, and a (thinning) mop of curly hair. He has had a single assistant since 1993, and current assistant Sophie is moving to Texas. Plus one for Jess: she is in not moving to Texas.

After the initial awkwardness native to all interviews, Jess and Mike hit it off. Laughter. Good conversation. Jess proves charming, witty, intelligent. Jess hits a freakin’ home run (an appropriate metaphor given Mike’s love of all-things-baseball). Jess is confident and excited. Jess waits anxiously to hear…

Jess stares at the computer screen, in awe of her good fortune (and evident greatness). She contemplates the life of job hunting and Maury Povich she is leaving behind. She imagines her new life, full of publishing-type glamour.

Why can't I turn away?

Can I edit that for you?

She runs down the stairs to tell everyone then runs quickly back upstairs to actually accept the job.

Fade to black.

So, there it is. I am starting a new job with The Idea Logical Company. I am finally getting my start in publishing, and it’s precisely where I want to be. I am excited about work, and not just about having a job but about what I will be doing day in and day out, about the conversations I will have, about the blogs I am reading, about everything new and evolving in digital publishing. This is where I want to be, and I am so happy to be here. I start next week by attending the first annual Digital Book World conference. Feet first, baby.

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