My mother is the sun –
My day, my warmth, my light.
Her shining eyes, her passion,
Burn deep, clear, and bright.

My mother is the moon –
Solid, gentle, calm.
Her smile, a steady beacon;
Her kiss, a soothing balm.

My mother is the earth –
My birthplace and my home.
In her embrace, I am safe,
Loved, nurtured, and warm.

My mother is the air –
My breath, my wind, my song.
She whispers softly in my ear
To remind me I am strong.

She is my center, my core, my roots.
She is the force behind my tides.
When I am fragile, she is fierce.
When I am lost, she is my guide.

She is woman, sister, mother –
The hand I want to hold.
She is friend, teacher, lover –
My rock, my heart, my soul.

I love you, Mom. Happy Birthday.

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