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A Publisher’s Guide to
Navigating the World of
Digital Book

Proven Techniques for Book Marketing and Discovery

2020 (Ingram Content Group)

For publishers and book marketers looking to drive online book sales, insight into how online platforms steer the customer journey and enable discoverability is the key to effectively marketing books online. This week we’re unlocking book marketing knowledge to help you develop a robust strategy to improve your marketing results and grow sales potential.

Metadata Essentials

Proven Techniques for Book Marketing and Discovery

2018 (Graphic Arts Books)

“. . . An essential, unique, and thoroughly ‘user friendly’ instructional reference and guide that should be an integral part of every author and every publisher’s professional book marketing plan instructional reference collection.” — Midwest Book Review

Global Digital Book Marketing

Advanced Strategies and Tactics for Building International Book Campaigns

2016 (Livres Canada Books)

An in-depth look at the strategies, tactics, and tools global book publishers need to stay ahead of the curve and reach new readers around the world. This report offers best practices for audience research and segmentation, social media marketing, inbound marketing and website optimization, and retail channel optimization with a specific focus on the opportunities for Canadian publishers in global markets.

Using Audience-Centric Digital Marketing to Drive Global Book Sales

Data, Insights, and Process

2015 (Livres Canada Books)

A holistic view of digital marketing and the process by which it can be applied to books and authors, through the specific lens of English- and French-language Canadian publishers seeking to maximize their reach and sales in global markets.